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wwwxxxl.com r134a réfrigérant Chart PDF Hello friends, once again we welcome all of you to studypdfindia.com. Today we have brought PDF of wwwxxxl.com r134a refrigérant chart of all of you. Commonly used in heat pump and refrigerator circuits, it has some industrial and commercial applications. it is a compound or substance

wwwxxxl.com r134a ready to refrigérant to battle and enter a cadence. As posted, wwwxxxl.com R134a Ray Freeze PDF can be downloaded by clicking on Download button.

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wwwxxxl.com r134a We have talked about some information about refrigérant Chart here. So that you do not make any mistake in falling. That’s why we have made it easy for you. From this details you will know that how many pages are there in this PDF and how many MB is it.

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wwwxxxl.com r134a réfrigérant Chart

So today I am going to share complete rate chart with you. Many people occasionally need tetrafluoroethane (CF3CH2F) gas. Let us tell you that r134a char also called tetrafluoroethane (CF3CH2F) belongs to the HSC refrigerant family.

wwwxxxl.com R134a Refrigerant Chart PDF – Features

  1. R134a is non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-corrosive.
  2. The R134a has a boiling point of 15.34 degrees Fahrenheit or -26.3 degrees Celsius, making it available in the form of gas when exposed to nature. This is desirable as the boiling point of the refrigerator should be below the target temperature.
  3. R134a has a high vaporization temperature.
  4. Its default temperature is 1418 degrees Fahrenheit or 770 degrees Celsius.
Chemical Name1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane
Chemical formulaCF3CH2F
Boiling point−26.3 °C (−15.3 °F; 246.8 K)
Critical temperature252°F (122°C)
Auto ignition temperature1,418°F (770°C)
Ozone depletion level (ODL)0
Global warming potential (GWP)1,430
Molar mass102.03 g/mol
Density0.00425 g/cm3, gas

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