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In this post of Log Antilog Table, we have explained you very well. The easiest way to find the value of a logarithmic function is to use the logarithm table. Here we have also given you the definition of logarithmic function below.

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Definition Log, Antilog Table

In mathematics, the logarithm of a number on a given base is that number which, when raised to a power over that base, makes its value equal to the given number. It is called Log, Antilog, for example, the logarithm of 100000 (one lakh) on base 10 will be 5 because raising base 10 to the power of 5 makes its value 100000.

Properties of Logarithms

When both x and b are positive real numbers, then the value of logb(x) is a unique real number. The absolute value of base b can be anything except 0 or 1. Often 10, e or 2 are taken as the basis, which have their own areas of use. Logarithms of real numbers and complex numbers are defined.

Product{\displaystyle \log _{b}(xy)=\log _{b}x+\log _{b}y}{\displaystyle \log _{3}243=\log _{3}(9\cdot 27)=\log _{3}9+\log _{3}27=2+3=5}
Quotient{\displaystyle \log _{b}\!{\frac {x}{y}}=\log _{b}x-\log _{b}y}{\displaystyle \log _{2}16=\log _{2}\!{\frac {64}{4}}=\log _{2}64-\log _{2}4=6-2=4}
Ambush (power){\displaystyle \log _{b}\left(x^{p}\right)=p\log _{b}x}{\displaystyle \log _{2}64=\log _{2}\left(2^{6}\right)=6\log _{2}2=6}
Original{\displaystyle \log _{b}{\sqrt[{p}]{x}}={\frac {\log _{b}x}{p}}}{\displaystyle \log _{10}{\sqrt {1000}}={\frac {1}{2}}\log _{10}1000={\frac {3}{2}}=1.5}

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